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This page last updated March 13 2006
March 13 2006 is extremely concerned that as the trial of the three defendants start, that a miscarriage of justice may potentially occur - in a similar way to the concerns that we have previously expressed about the conviction of the defendants in the historic Mount Maunganui pack rape case.

We await the proceedings of the trial, and hope that any possible conviction will be based on real evidence and not emotion and prejudice, as appeared to occur in the Mt Maunganui case. We hope that due regard is given to the credibility of the chief complainant, Louise Nicholas, who has self-confessed to previously making a false accusation of rape (although that would be no excuse for her to be a victim of that same crime)

If the evidence suggests that the defendants are not guilty beyond reasonable doubt, they should be set free, and Clint Rickards welcomed back as one of New Zealand's top policemen.

Case Summary

Louise Nicholas has claimed that three police officers pack raped her and violated her with a police baton in a Rotorua house in 1986.

The accused men - Clint Rickards, now a police assistant commissioner, and former police officers Brad Shipton and Bob Schollum - have strongly denied the allegations.

The initial allegations have since developed into more allegations and more accused; A police criminal inquiry and a Government Commission of Inquiry.

The news reports on this page are not provided to imply the guilt or innocence of anybody with regard to these serious allegations.

They are provided because

           they are serious sexual allegations,

           the allegations are of an historical nature,

           they involve one of New Zealand's most senior police officers.

           The main complainant, Louise Nicholas has admitted making a false allegation of abuse before


The wider Commission of Inquiry will be looking at Police Culture

News Reports

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Clint Rickards - Timeline
showing the rapid promotion of Clint Rickards through the Police

Historical Rape Allegations at Mt Maunganui 1989
Charges brought by Police Team investigating the Louise Nicholas allegations.

The Main Players
Photos and brief summary of complainants, accused, police investigators, and those in inquiry.

Police "sick" culture Inquiry
following trial of Police Officer Solomona in March 2005