The Christchurch Civic Creche Case

1994 Documents

ERA - End Ritual Abuse Society - Christchurch
September 1994 - Official Documents


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Registered Office of Society

Sally Denley identifies herself as the Secretary of the "End Ritual Abuse" Society. The Registered Office of the Society was Sally Denley's address.

Society Register

The "End Ritual Abuse" Society was registered as a Society. 

Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation - Document

Application for Incorporation

Includes a list of members who applied for incorporation of the "End Ritual Abuse" Society

Declaration of Rules

Sally Denley signed on behalf of the members of the "End Ritual Abuse Society" a declaration of the rules

The Rules of the End Ritual Abuse Society

The Rules of the "End Ritual Abuse Society" - "The purpose of this society is to educate the public on ritual abuse and to provide written, audio and visual information on the subject matter."  "The aims are to gather information from overseas, write a quarterly newsletter, provide a resource library, act as a support group for those survivors and families who have been involved in ritual abuse, support those needing to go through the judicial system, to support overseas visitors to New Zealand on this topic, and to assist those wanting to attend conferences on the said subject."

A condition of belonging was that an applicant must be "believing of the existence of ritual abuse".  Any member who "discredits those who accept the existence of ritual abuse" may be dismissed