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Waikato Times
January 17, 2004

A survivor's case
Letter to the Editor
by P J Murphy, Hamilton

My own good taste prevents me from replying to Keith M Harry (Waikato Times letters, January 9) with the succinct phrase I reserve for people who come to my door babbling the same strings of cliches that he uses. I have no use for his ill-informed comments regarding the facts of Salvation Army abuse.

We do not want sympathy; we want justice. We are no longer children or victims to be pushed around. We are adult survivors to be taken seriously, however badly damaged some of us may be. We will not be palmed off with mumbo-jumbo and pious drivel.

The Salvation Army campaigns against many forms of adult leisure activities. High on their list of taboos is consensual sex between adults under most circumstances.

They have for decades attracted to their ranks and protected from investigation people who practise recreational violence and sex with non-consenting children. At present there are at least two Salvation Army officers who have been kept on and promoted after complaints have been made. No complaint has ever been passed on to the police. Our enemy is bullet-proof and above the law. (Abridged)