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Taranaki Daily News
September 7 2006

Girl tells court of father's betrayal

A 15-year-old girl told a jury how she was betrayed by her father when he allegedly committed five sexual offences against her.

The 40-year-old Stratford man, who cannot be named, has denied two charges of touching the girl's bottom, two of rubbing her breasts and genitalia with his hands and one of sexual violation by rape.

The offences are alleged to have happened at Stratford and Eltham, between August and September last year.

"I felt like I was betrayed by my own father because he said he'd be there for me," the girl told the New Plymouth District Court when describing the aftermath of one of the incidents. "I ended up crying myself to sleep."

The court heard how the girl had known the accused as her uncle until about a year before the alleged offences occurred.

It was arranged that she would spend every second weekend with her father as well as weekdays while attending school.

The complainant said she was taken by her father to his house after a family gathering and pressured into drinking Drambuie liqueur mixed with L&P.

She said she felt sick and "spewed up".

Later, the girl was encouraged to sleep in the accused's bed and had fallen asleep when the accused allegedly crept into bed and indecently assaulted her.

"I got away from him by moving my hips," she told the court when asked how she stopped him. "I hopped out of bed and said, `I'd rather be at home than stay here with you'."

She then walked back to her own bed.

The next occasion is alleged to have been about September 3 at Eltham when she again stayed at her father's home. There, the court heard, the accused slapped the girl's bottom.

Her father told her they were to have sex that night. She refused. He then said she was going to sleep beside him.

"You always get what you want and I never get what I want," the accused is alleged to have said.

After almost three hours of cross-examination from defence counsel Patrick Mooney, the girl agreed she had not said this in former statements.

The girl also told how, on another occasion, the accused pushed her against the window sill before raping her.

The girl told the court that the accused had apologised to her at a recent family gathering for "what he'd done in the past and he couldn't turn back time".

Mr Mooney described the complainant's evidence as a pack of lies.

"You're just making this up as you go along to try and fill in the gaps," he said.

While the complainant said the offences occurred on weekends she stayed with her father, Mr Mooney said there were only two such weekends since July 2005.

The girl admitted she had a problem remembering dates.

Mr Mooney said she had only made up the story as a way of getting to live with her mother. "You wanted to get back to your mum's house because your father was too strict."