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The kidnapping of Jayden Headley

This page last updated Feb 6 2007

A custody battle between Jayden Headley's parents Kay Skelton and Chris Jones turned ugly when Chris was given majority custody by the Family Court.  Two months later Jayden was kidnapped. Jayden was kidnapped for over five months by his maternal grandfather Dick Headley, before Dick surrended. The custody battle continues as this page was last updated.

In the war of words justifying the kidnapping, Dick Headley prepared a statement, supposedly written by Jayden, alleging abuse by his father.  The letter was however branded a forgery based on the writing skills of Jayden aged 6.  Earlier abuse allegations made by Kay Skelton were not considered credible, especially as Kay Skelton was proved to have provided other false evidence to the Court.

The case is important for a number of reasons and especially highlighting the importance of children being able to maintain relationships with both parents, in the breakdown of the parent's relationship. Of relevance to this site are false abuse allegations. Such allegations can occur for a variety of reasons, and often in custodial disputes.

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Jayden and his dad, Chris;          Kay Skelton and her father Dick Headley