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December 15 2008; 10:36

Fresh push for Peter Ellis inquiry

Three prominent New Zealanders are pushing for a new inquiry into the Peter Ellis case.

The former Christchurch Civic Creche worker was jailed in 1993 for 16 counts of sex offences against children - he has always maintained his innocence.

Supporter Lynley Hood, former National leader Don Brash and former MP Katherine Rich have written to Justice Minister Simon Power calling for an inquiry into the case.

It follows an article in the National Business Review three weeks ago calling for a pardon. In the article, Queensland professor James Allan said pardoning Mr Ellis had to be one of John Key's top priorities. He also said Mr Ellis should have his name cleared while still alive.

Mr Ellis says he welcomes the support to clear his name.

"We must remember this isn't just the Peter Ellis case, this is the Civic Creche case and it's now in its 18th year."

Mr Ellis says an Australian judge could oversee a hearing.