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December 15 2008

New call for Ellis case to be reopened

Peter Ellis

Justice Minister Simon Power has agreed to consider a request for a Commission of Inquiry into the Peter Ellis case.

Ellis, variously described as flamboyantly camp and a little eccentric, was jailed in 1993 after being found guilty of sexually molesting children at the Christchurch Civic Crèche where he worked, he has always maintained his innocence.

Former National Party leader Don Brash, former front-bench MP Katherine Rich and Dunedin author Lynley Hood wrote to Power urging him to re-examine the case.

"Though fifteen years have passed since the controversial conviction of Peter Ellis, disquiet over the Civic Creche case remains widespread and ongoing," the letter states.

"Despite the best efforts of the previous government to bury the problem, the public has refused to let the matter rest."

Lynley Hood - who wrote a book about the case - along with Brash and Rich hope Power will have the courage to do what previous ministers have not.

On receiving the letter, Power said this morning: "I've asked officials to give me some background and some advice. I come to it with an open mind."